Friday, July 13, 2007

the key (unfinished)

  • Kaya Walters finished a day of shopping and was heading to her car when she heard a commotion not far from her car. 3 scruff looking men were beating on a average sized guy who was no longer fighting back. Kaya ran to her car and rushed to his recuse she sped toward the group honking her horn. Causing the 3 thugs to run away. She opened the passenger side door yelling hurry get in.

The victim needed help climbing into the car he tried to thank her as she tugged him into the seat. She sped away before the thugs could figure out what had happen.
Kaya- We gotta get you to a hospital...
Man- N..N...No
Kaya- There could be internal injuries
Man- I said no Kaya.
Kaya- What the?!?!?!.... How did you know my name?
Man- I have my ways?
Kaya- Who are you ?
Man- Loxx
Kaya- Well Loxx where do you live?
She got no answer Loxx was out. What was she gonna do with him?
She did not know where he lived? He did not want to go to the hospital. The only place left was her house and she did not’t feel comfortable enough to do that . She couldn’t just leave him on the side of the road could she? The only place she thought of was her house.
Pulling into the driveway still feeling unsure of this being her best choice she stopped the car got out and opened the door to her small yet homey home. Walking back out to help Loxx inside she opened the door and woke him.
Kaya- Loxx come on you gotta help me here....Please wake up.
His left eye fluttered open as she tried to drag him out of her car.
Kaya- Loxx just a few more steps
Loxx- Rest please. Don’t fear Kaya I am here to help.
Kaya- You need to lay down cause from what I see you are the one in need of help.
She somehow stumbled under his weigh to her bedroom and laid him down and started to wash his wounds. She did all she could do for him which was just basic first aid. She went back to her car and got out her packages. Back into the house she lay down on the couch and watched a movie. But her mind couldn’t stay on the movie. She fell into a light dreamless sleep.
Kaya woke in a hurray to find only an hour had passed. She got up and walked to her room to check on Loxx She still couldn’t believe the kind of day she has had. When she opened the door she saw Loxx enveloped in a beautiful ocean blue hazy glow. She felt the energy that he let off.
Kaya- Wha....What?!?! Is going on here.
Then she fell to the ground with a thud. She was out cold. Loxx knew he had to let her know why he was here and that she was in danger. But he wasn’t sure just yet how to break it to her. He was now healed from his wounds he walked over to Kaya and carried her to the bed
And laid her down.
Her eyes fluttered open . Her eyes darted from side to side looking for what she did not’t know but she eyed her room . Sitting up and stepping onto the floor she ran her fingers through her just beyond the shoulder length hair. Had she dreamed it all? Then there was a knock on the door who could be knocking at her door?
Kaya- Coming?!?!?!
She made her way to the door the banging continued through out her jaunt to the front door.
Loxx ran into the room . As she turned the knob
Loxx- KAYA NO!!!!!!!!!!!
He grabbed her arm and pulled her away but it was too late the door was now open to reveal the 3 big rough looking man that had hours ago beat him into a bloody pulp. He pulled Kaya towards the back door . As the three lumbered towards them.
Kaya- What Daaaaaaa....
Loxx- We gotta go Kaya.
At that point Kaya realize that it hadn’t been a dream, but why was it happening to her. She could hear crashes and bangs inside the house Everything she had worked hard for was gone. Loxx continued to pull Kaya away from her what was her home. inside her car her eyes filled with tears as they watched the 3 come out the house. One of the men took his sun glasses off revealing is unusual red eyes they where so red she could not tell where his pupil were she let out a yelp and Loxx covered her mouth the other two men made there way towards the sound.
Loxx- We have to leave
Kaya- I don’t have my key
Loxx- Your key?!?!? You are the key.
Kaya- what are you talking about?
With that he took her pointer finger and touched the ignition and the car started .

His foot slammed on the accelerator causing them to expedite into the road. The last thing Kaya saw was the redeye man shooting red beams from his eyes setting her house ablaze.
Kaya- I demand to know what the hell is going on....
Loxx- Kaya you are the key to the gate.
Kaya- Get off the BS about the me being the key. I have lost my house...Everything I have worked so hard to get u are gonna give me answers.
Loxx- I will tell you but we must find safety.
Kaya watched as he maovered her car in the crowded parking lot of the mall.
Kaya- Hold on this is the mall
Loxx- You are correct
Kaya- They must have beat you worst that I remember cause this is not safe. As a matter of fact you just got you ass kicked here.
Loxx- could have been worst...Could have been you
Loxx- Come we have to hide.
Kaya- I have never met those people before in my life...
Loxx- I will explain
The two got out of her car and rushed into the huge mall.
Loxx- We need to go where there is a crowd.
Kaya- The food court
They made there way to the food court. The smells played with there noses. Loxx looked at a table with 4 teenage females who kaya noticed looking at Loxx in a dreamy way. Bringing to her attention that loxx wasn’t a bad looking fact he was attractive in a cute annoying puppy kind of way.
Loxx- what are they eating?
Kaya looked at him in disbief.
Kaya- Hamburger and fries
Kaya- bur bur ger
Loxx- really?
Kaya- you have never had a hamburger?
Loxx- not in that form
Kaya- if I get u one will u tell me what id going on?
Loxx- yes
Kaya- Go find a table and I will meet you there.
Sitting down at the table she watched as Loxx bit into a french fry.
Loxx- this is what you eat it is good hot where I come from food isn’t this wonderful.
Kaya- where do you come from?
Loxx-Here in the future.
Kaya- wait say what?
Loxx- Kaya I am from what you would call the future.... So are you.
Kaya- Wait I am 21 years old
Loxx- actually at this time you have never even exsisted
Kaya- then how am I here?
Loxx- your mother and father know how dangerous it would have been for you to grow up there.
So they sent you to the past to grow up.
Kaya- what?
Loxx- your mother and father died not to long after they sent you here
Kaya- how?
Loxx- murdered
Kaya- what?
Loxx - those people you dream about all the time..
Kaya- Yes
Loxx- they are your parents
Kaya- why...who...
Loxx- the same people who are trying to kill you they are know as Time Warriors
Kaya- why me?
Loxx - because you are the key....
Kaya- what is up with this key u keeping talking about?
Loxx- with you the warriors will be able to change the way things are they could have control over every thing. The key can unlock the gate your the last key to have surived,
Kaya sat back in her chair and thought on everything that had just been told to her. She watched as her new found friend chumped happily on his fries and hamburger she watch as the mutilated cow tossed around in his mouth.
Loxx- this is is it made?
Kaya- you don’t wanna know
Loxx- what is wrong
Kaya- 5 mintues ago I thought I was human
Loxx- you are
Kaya- are you?
Loxx- of course
Kaya- what about the guy who burned my house down?
Loxx- yes
Kaya- no human can look at somthing and set it on fire
Loxx- maybe not in this time but in my time it is one of the more common gifts
Kaya- don’t I have any?
Loxx- yes
Kaya- like?
Loxx- you will see soon enough
Kaya mind began to wonder when it came to her attention that the had no place to go.
Kaya- Loxx what are we gonna do? The mall doesn’t stay open all night and I no longer have a house to go to.
Loxx- I will take you to the rest of the team
Kaya- well we need to go now the crowd is thinning
Loxx and Kaya zigged and zagged through the dwindling crowd. Out side loxx took her hand and lead her to

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Warrior not finished

The icy winter winds whirled outside the small cottage. With 2 more mouths to feed she didn’t know how she was going to find food. This was the first time in a long time that she had seen a male up close. He laid helplessly on her bed. His companion a white steed was now peeping in as if to check up on it’s master. She had woke one morning to the sounds of neighing on her door step and on its back laid the limp body of his. She nursed his wounds and force feed him as well as took care of the dutiful steed. She could wait to be back in the warmth of the hovel. It was so hard to find the roots and herb s that she needed to make the elixir